West Shore Transit Track

Did you know Tahoe had a Water Shuttle? This Geotrack will move you via bus, bike, hike and water shuttle along Tahoe’s rich tapestry of time, culture and heritage!

Sat August 30 and Sun 31st

Travel thru the woodsy side of Tahoe on our most spectacular class 1 bike path to one of the most impressive viewing spots. Discover the maritime history of the lake, lunch at an historic marina and then take Tahoe’s Premier Water Shuttle back to your start! You cover 14 miles of Tahoe’s friendliest shore without a car! And you can even get to the Assembly Point by bus! Now you are a steward! 


8 Worlds (highlighted): Culture, Heritage, Water, Plant, Land, Sky, Wildlife, Community


pick up mountain bike at Olympic Bike Shop assemble Tahoe City bus terminal 
10:00am – Meet Tahoe City Bus Terminal & bike to Eagle Rock
11:00am – Hike 1/2 mile to Eagle Rock for views and insight
12:00pm – Tour  Tahoe Maritime Museum  for the “Roarin’ Tahoe 20′s”
1:00 pm  Lunch at historic Obexers (optional purchase if you do not bring a lunch)
1:57 pm  Water Shuttle with bikes back to Tahoe City Marina
2:30pm – Arrive at Tahoe City Marina (return bikes and depart)


Day: Sunday August 31st
Captain: Clay Prescott
Activities: Biking and hiking
Difficulty: Moderate – (6 mile bike ride on mostly paved terrain; 1 mile moderate uphill hike)
Location: Tahoe City and the West Shore
Assembly Point: Tahoe City Bus Terminal – South of ‘Y’ on West Lake Blvd. 
Transit: TART   (North Shore), or  BlueGo  South Shore (parking available at transit center) 
Duration: 4.5 hrs
What to bring: water, hiking shoes, sunscreen/hat, mtn bike or hybrid (if you have one) and lunch if you prefer not to purchase
Participation fee: $30 total: $15 for bike rental, $5 for museum $10 water shuttle
Capacity: 8 with bikes

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